What Is The Cost Of Study In Canada From India?

study in Canada from India

Canada is one the most popular places to study, and students from all over the world come to study here. When you compare Canada with the UK and the USA, you will notice that both costs of living and studying are quite inexpensive. Moreover, students consider the scenic beauty and friendly atmosphere of the place and the overall development of the place. There are several well-known universities like the University of Toronto, the University of Winnipeg, and the University of Alberta, to name a few. If you are a student planning to study in Canada from India, you need to take a look at the following expenses.

The average cost of studying in Canada

The tuition fees depend from university to university, and it also depends on the course. There are various factors like international reputation and reach, city, etc. all these make the fees. However, the average cost of studying, especially when the tuition fee in the top colleges, can be around INR 1884000.

CoursesAverage tuition fee PA
Application feesINR 3,703 to 14,831
Undergraduate coursesINR 6,46,000 to 16,15,000
Engineering and medicine courses (UG)INR11,69,000
LawINR 8,45,597.39
Humanities, Business & Management (UG)INR 2,96,000 to 3,50,000
Visual and Performing ArtsINR 3,01828 to 3,01,828.55
Postgraduate coursesINR 9,54,000
LawINR 5,50,000 to 30,00,000
Executive MBAINR 17,51,351
NursingINR 28,65,568
DentistryINR 13,47,276
EngineeringINR 11,57,152

Cost of undergraduate courses

When you want to pursue undergraduate courses, you need to understand that a bachelor’s degree in Canada in all avenues is nearly INR 1615000 per annum, with the minimum being INR 646000. However, undergraduate courses in engineering and medicine are a bit expensive. Their tuition fees are about INR 1169000. If you want to study Business and Management, Humanities, the costs will be between INR 296000 to 350000, respectively.   

Cost of Postgraduate courses

Now that you know how much can it costs to study undergraduate courses, you can learn about postgraduate courses in Canada. It is again a little bit expensive because the average cost is INR 954000. You need to spend a decent amount of money if you study MBA because the executive course is around INR 3031000, and the regular one is or INR 1475000.

University and College Application fees

Now take a look at the application fee; if you are going for the top-class Ivy League colleges, they will charge you around CAD 50-250. Very few colleges in Canada do not have an application fee that students need to submit. So all these imply that you will be spending a good amount of money.

Other expenses

Here is a list of expenses that you need to keep in mind when living and studying in Canada.

Living costs in CanadaCosts
EntertainmentINR 43,750 monthly
FoodINR 17,508 to 23,344 monthly
Health insuranceINR 17,000 to 44,000
Travel costsINR 4,300 to 6,000
IELTS test feesINR 14,700
AccommodationINR 2,67,000 to 5,39,000 PA
Work permit feesINR 14,700
Study permit feesINR 11,123
Flight costINR 1,00,000 to 2,00,00

Wrapping it up,

The above-mentioned points can help you to have sound knowledge about the expenses that will come along if you study in Canada. Students can get help from the SOP writing services onlineĀ to develop the SOP, which is necessary for international students.

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