Tips To Start Your Own Homemade Candle Business

A potential business idea for entrepreneurs looking for new ventures is to sell homemade candles.

It’s a useful skill set even for hesitant makers when it comes to making a practical and hot product, both literally and virtually.

We’ll look at how you can make money online by making homemade candles and starting a candle business.

Analyze the market

With your marketing efforts, you are looking for people to reach. You will convert these buyers into customers when they show interest in your products. There are three categories of target markets in the candle industry:

  • An elite status. 
  • The middle market. 
  • A mass audience. 

Choose a market for your business. Would you like to sell in retail? It may be best to go mid-market. Are you only going to sell online and through your website? You might be able to sell prestige candles. 

Choosing your market, from sourcing materials to branding and packaging, will help you succeed. Decide what type of candles you will make once you have a segment in mind. 

Make a note of the types of candles clients purchase while researching. Do you have a market for vegan, eco-friendly candles? Does the environment matter to potential customers despite the impact of paraffin wax candles? You will create a brand based on the candles you sell. 

Establish your brand

Making candles is step two of starting a business: the branding process. Branding helps you reach a bigger audience, enables you to market more effectively, and facilitates the creation of a higher-quality product. 

Candle businesses, in particular, need a good brand. It can seem impossible to break into the industry after it has grown so much over the last decade. 

Identify the name of your candle business.

It is a great start for your candle business. Now is the time to choose one of the business names you’ve created. 

Simple and short candle business names are best. Then buyers will be able to pronounce it easily and remember it. The word-of-mouth marketing you could get is free if your name is easy to remember. 

Organize your business plan.

To establish a candle business, you will need a business plan. You can analyze your business idea before launching, define your strategy, and identify challenges. 

Think about this: Where do I want my brand to go? Is there anyone I have to compete with directly? Are retail outlets important to me? Can I sell directly to my customers through an online store? When building out your candle-making brand, keep your business goals in mind.

Sell candles

It is the part we all look forward to the most! A product development process showcases your ingenuity, creativity, and craftsmanship.

High-quality candles are vital since, when they’re good, they soothe, enhance a room’s decor, or set the mood. It can be disastrous, however, if you choose the wrong candle. You should use custom boxes for candles that provide safety while transiting. 

To get started, develop your signature scents if you are selling scented candles and learn how to make high-quality candles.

For scented products, you must balance the intensity of fragrances and master a good burn time during the product development stage. 

You should not choose a scent that is too weak that no one will notice or too strong to become intrusive. The perfect fragrance oil blend will depend on the container and blend.

Create a business registration form

Registering your company with the secretary of state or regional business authority is one of the most critical milestones at the beginning of your business. Your business type, size, and state all play a role in registering a business.

According to the US Small Business Administration, a federal, state, and local license or permit is required for every new business. Furthermore, if your company operates under a different name than its legal name, you might have to register it.

Plan your marketing strategy. 

Your soy or other homemade candles are ready for sale now that you have the recipe for success.


Candles are sold online in a lot of business-to-consumer stores. Your e-commerce site and social media can help you reach global clients.

These are some places entrepreneurs can try to help them get started, even though not all digital media will be successful sales platforms.

Here are some solid online marketing options for merchants to help their new businesses succeed.

  • Instagram. 
  • Facebook page
  • Pinterest. 
  • Competitions and giveaways. 
  • Snapchat. 
  • Email Marketing


Don’t be afraid to sell in person, even if you sell online. Making candles is easy and portable, so they’re easy to sell. They look great displayed at any pop-up store, giving businesses direct access to consumers. With the right tools and some knowledge, making sales on the go can be easier than sitting at your desk. 

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