Tips For Planning A Perfect Holiday Trip To Kerala

There’s a reason why Kerala is crowned with the title ‘God’s own country,” it’s the only place that is blessed with lush green landscapes and crystal clear beaches that will leave you awestruck. It’s a must-visit place for everyone having the desire to be in the lap of nature once in their lifetime. So when you are also planning for Kerala India holidays, why not make it a memorable experience with some useful tips? Let us help you plan a perfect holiday trip to Kerala.

Don’t forget Munnar, the Kashmir of Kerala

When you are looking for travel packages or are crafting one for yourself, it is highly suggested that you do not forget to add Munnar to your itinerary. In fact, it is highly suggested to be the perfect beginning to your trip to Kerala. This is the land of palm trees, sunny paddy fields as well as eye-pleasing lazily flowing rivers. This is one of the best combinations that you cannot find anywhere in the world. So, add Munnar to your travel package to experience the beautiful rushing waterfalls, mountain forests, and soothing weather with your loved ones. When in Munnar, it is highly suggested to visit the Eravikulam National Park where you can experience the blissful Neelakurinji blooming, which blooms once in 12 years.

Explore The Kochi The City Of Beauty And History

Kochi, sometimes also referred to as the ‘Gateway to Kerala’ is a city that boasts of its amazing history and beauty. This is the only city in India where you can experience the signs of Arabs, British, Dutch, Chinese and Portuguese who have all left their impression here. So when you plan for India tour holidays, make sure to visit Kochi to know its rich history and glory that is second to none. Kochi Fort is a must-visit, which is the perfect example of architectural excellence that draws the irresistible attention of visitors. Make sure to enjoy a walk or ride on a bicycle to explore the intricate details of the Fort. Kochi is certainly a shining star of Kerala tourism.

Stay at Thekkady

Not many people would know about this place, but Thekkady has emerged as one of the best places in Kerala where you can be in lush greenery as this is home to a nature atmosphere. For those looking to explore nature from the closest, this is the perfect place to stay as this is the place to be lost in nature when you plan your Kerala India holidays. Here, you can also choose to stay at tree houses that will give you amazing views as well as all the facilities that you can expect from a good resort. Make sure to book your stay in advance as the rooms here are usually out of stock. Try visiting Kerala during the monsoon season when its beauty is at the top level.

Experience Birds In Their Natural Habitat In Kumarakom

Not everyone likes to roam around the old cities, exploring the architectural wonders. There are many people who like to have a look at the wildlife from the closest. If you are also one of those, then Kerals is still the place to visit as you can try visiting Kumarakom, which is home to Kerala’s well-known bird sanctuary. For nature lovers, Kumarakom is a must-visit place as you can spot rare migratory birds such as egrets, herons, waterfowl, Siberian cranes and much more. Make sure to enhance your experience by combining bird watching with a houseboat stay on Vembanad Lake. The best time to plan your holidays in Kerala is between November and February.

Plan Things In Advance

Kerala is on the ‘to-visit’ list of many people from across the world who aim to enjoy some time in the lap of nature. This is why the accommodations here are mostly occupied. To avoid the hassle of being left with no option, it is highly suggested that you plan things in advance and book accommodations much before your visit. This is even more important when you are planning for the holidays during the peak season, i.e. from December to February when the weather is pleasant and you will see nature to its fullest form. There are many festivals and events being organized during this time so you can also explore the local culture of Kerala during this time span, making it the best time to visit. But again, it is highly suggested to plan things in advance to avoid the hassle.

Know your itinerary

One mistake that many people make when planning for India tour holidays is not going through the itinerary as they trust the holiday planners. While almost all the packages are customized in a good way, but it is highly suggested that you know your itinerary before you plan the holidays. This will give you enough time to book your tickets to reach the place as well as book accommodations on time. It can save you from the hassle that you might face due to improper planning. When you know the itinerary, you can also know about the things you can try and places to visit to make the most of your stay in Kerala. Make sure to spend at least 2-3 days in a single place so that you can explore it the best way.

Final Words

So when you want to plan the best Kerala India holidays, it is suggested to keep in mind these useful tips so you can make the most of your stay in the ‘God’s Own Country’. Before you make any decision, it is highly suggested to consult with a specialist in the field to craft a custom travel plan so you know where you will be visiting during the trip and also to book things in advance. It is highly suggested to go with an all-inclusive package to save yourself from the last-minute hassle.

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