Things You Should Know About Self Tanner- A Complete Guide

Summer is around the corner and you must be thinking of it as an opportunity to tan yourself in sun. But it’s not. Sunbathing has harmful radiation that directly affects the skin and burns the outer layer of the skin. Many people enjoy sunbathing on beaches to achieve a perfect sun tan look but it causes sunburn that leads to many skin diseases. Direct exposure to the sun damages the skin and leaves a pigment that can even lead to skin cancer.

Many people think using sunblock would be helpful but it’s not. Direct exposure still damages the skin and causes different reactions. But if you want to achieve the perfect tan look without baking in the sun you must use the best natural self-tanners. Self-tanners are the safest option to achieve the perfect color of a tan. Many people think self-tanners may be daunting to use because they might get the wrong shade of orange and streaks color. Thankfully, by using natural and high-quality self-tanner you will achieve the safest tan look.

However, when buying a self-tanner, you must be sure that you’re selecting the right type of self-tanner. Selecting the right self-tanner will make you achieve the right look. After purchasing you know the right application technique that can apply smoothly on the skin. In this article, you’ll be getting amazing tips that will make sure to provide you with what you want.

Types of Self Tanners

Before I discuss the application tips and tricks, let’s get to know the types of best natural self-tanners. All of the self-tanning products have one same ingredient called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that directly reacts with the dead skin layer and makes your skin darker when applied. There are types of self-tanning products that are commonly used.

Mousse: Self-tanning mousse is a thick textured cream that is easy to use and can help you get the desired color you want. It has good coverage of color and is super convenient to use. When applied it gets dry easily without leaving any stains. It is a good option if you want to do quick touch up like makeup.

Lotions: Lotion is a liquid creamy texture that moisturizes the skin. If you want to have a soft tan look on your complete body you must go for self-tanning lotion.

Mist and Serums: Mist is the same as a sunblock that is easy to apply. Using mist and serum gives a glow effect that gives even color to the body.

Amazing Tips for The Application of Self-Tanning Products

To achieve the desired color of the tan there are numerous ways to prep, care and apply that make the skin tan more long-lasting and beautiful. If you want to achieve the perfect look you must follow the below tips.

Prepare Your Skin

The first step for the application of self-tanning is to prepare your skin for it. Preparing your skin will deeply exfoliate and clean the skin and remove the dead cells from the skin. It instantly improves the depth of the skin which gives good tan color. You can use a different type of cleanser and scrub that will

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