The Art of Managing Time Effectively

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In addition to studies, people lead busy lives filled with important priorities and commitments. Managing everything at times seems like complete chaos. But what you actually need is an organized approach. Good time management results in improved productivity and efficiency, thus, less stress and more success in life.

Managing time effectively is an essential skill that will help you even in the future. It will be easier to handle work pressure during your employment. If you do not know how to use the time properly and master managing it wisely, this guide with help you. Being unable to manage time effectively can make of times leave students with the overwhelming feeling of frustration and stress.

Here is how you may take complete control of time instead of letting time take control over you:

Reflect on your current approach

The first step will be seeing how you ordinarily manage time every day. Once you identify your strengths, weaknesses, and preferences, it becomes easier to make the most of the time.

As you are looking at the current approach, consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do I plan my time before starting any work?
  • Do I find it difficult or easy when juggling competitive tasks?
  • Do I prioritize tasks properly?
  • Do I use tools for planning time?

Are you happy with your current approach? Note down the aspects that you wish to improve.

Make a list of items that demands your time

Successful are those who lead a balanced life. This means they do not sacrifice anything to make space for other activities and responsibilities. Several students give up their hobbies to make time for their studies. But if you plan properly, you need not give up anything.

So start by creating a list of:

  • Academic responsibilities
  • Other fixed commitments like sports, clubs, paid work, or home
  • Free time activities

Break down your tasks

Getting started often becomes the hardest part when dealing with a large task. You get so overwhelmed by it that you are unable to begin. Thus, it’s best to break down your tasks into manageable ones. When your tasks seem doable, it becomes motivational booster for you.  As you complete each task, you feel a sense of accomplishment.

Keep a record of all your deadlines

How often have you overlapped deadlines or just panicked when you remembered about your assignment’s due date just before the submission date? Mentally you have noted the deadline, and you think there is no way you will forget that. But the truth is with so many things we encounter on a daily basis it’s easy to forget. So why take the risk?

I recommend you start noting down all your important dates right at the start of the semester. When you know what exactly is coming, you can prepare better.

Stay organized

You will save a lot of time throughout the week when you are well organized. Use notebooks, binders, and folders to keep your notes and exam sheets for your test properly organized. The same goes when you are organizing your files on the computer desktop. This way, you will easily be able to locate the exact location that you wish to find.

Set a time limit for each of your tasks

Setting a time limit for each of your tasks will help you become more efficient and focused. Be practical and think wisely while setting the deadline for each task. This way, you will be able to recognize problems before they surface. Some of the tasks may need more time to research, so be careful when setting a time limit.

Start working on your assignment early

Writing a good assignment ensures you do not leave your assignments until the last date. Reviewing your assignment requirements and researching it takes a good amount of time. When you start working on your assignment early, you do not require scrambling to meet the due deadline and do not require feeling stressed out.

Get at least 8-10 hours of sleep

Getting enough sleep is the key to recharging your mind and having the proper energy level to stay on track. When your sleep for proper hours, your body feels relaxed and thus improves your ability to manage more tasks. Less sleep often results in a lack of focus and makes it difficult to function in daily activities. According to American Psychologists Association, adults with high-stress levels often struggle with sleep. This is because they get less than 7 hours of sleep or wake up frequently at night.

Boost your motivation

During academic studies, it’s quite common for students to stay motivated with their tasks. It can be due to the level of difficulty or not having enough interest in the subject. When you find yourself losing motivation, you tend to get interrupted by everything apart from your study. You will not always be able to find everything from your interest area, and thus, you need to find ways to keep yourself motivated.

Get rid of your distraction

Be it friends, cell phones, and social media, several things can make you feel distracted. Thus, it’s best when you are getting down to business; you should keep all distractions at bay. Turn off your cell phone; let your folks know the time duration when you will be studying. Understand your priorities and thus work on what’s more important.

Avoid multitasking

Multitasking is often the killjoy. You might think you are being more productive by handling multiple tasks at once. But the truth is you take more time, and the chances of mistakes also rise. Thus, working on each task at a time is always wiser. This way, you can give complete attention to each of your tasks. You will complete your task more effectively and efficiently.

Tackle the most difficult task first

According to the Eat that Frog productivity method devised by leadership expert Brian Tracy, tackling the most difficult task at first is best to avoid any kind of distractions. Once you g are done with the difficult task, you will get a sense of great accomplishment. Knowing the rest of the tasks that are left to do is not as difficult as the one you have completed will give you a tremendous boost of confidence.

Seek guidance from professionals ahead of time

In case you find there is no way you will be able to complete your assigned task within the required time frame, consult a reliable r studio assignment help company. Online experts are highly skilled and trained to manage any kind of challenging deadlines. So it’s best to consult an online assignment help expert when you cannot fulfill all your requirements within the allotted deadline.


There are a great many ways to maximize your time. You need to first understand what really works best for you. With the best time management practice, you can improve your productivity and reduce your stress levels. You must have a properly balanced life. Make sure to prioritize your goals and get help if you cannot complete them on your own.

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