Ten Eco-Friendly Box Alternatives For Your Business’s Shipping Needs

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is something that every one of us demands. No matter what the product type is, we want to see it come in green boxes. Undoubtedly, they are good for the customers and the environment. In addition to that, such packaging does wonders for the reputation of a business. However, at times, it often becomes difficult for a brand to get its hands on the right eco-packaging supplies. If you still want to make your name in this rising concern, here we are going to state some of the amazing eco-friendly alternatives to address your business shipping needs:

Corrugated Bubble Wrap for Eco-Friendly Packaging

The first and best option for eco-friendly packaging is corrugated bubble wrap. The normal bubble wrap present in the market is highly used. It keeps fragile products safe and secure. However, it comes with a plastic construction that takes it out of the eco-friendly category. To tackle this problem, manufacturers have started using corrugated cardboard bubble wrap. It is a perfect replica of the original one made of plastic. It does a perfect job of keeping the item safe. It does not contain any toxins. Therefore, it is highly eco-friendly.

Biodegradable packaging peanuts

Biodegradable packaging Ground peanuts are another amazing option for businesses that are looking for sustainable packaging materials. They are an amazing alternative to the typical styrofoam used inside boxes. They do the job of offering protection to the products without posing any threat to the environment. As their name indicates, they are easily biodegradable. However, that does not come in the way of them doing their job. Another great benefit of this alternative is that it is easy on the pocket. So, the business will not have to spend a large sum in the name of being eco-friendly.

Recycled air pillows

As the name suggests, this great option consists of inflatable air pillows. Its materials are made entirely from recycled content. So, they have a sustainable nature. Moreover, as these pillows are brought to life by pumping air into them, they do not harm the environment. They are a great substitute for Styrofoam or plastic peanuts in the package. They do their job without any harmful impact.

Cornstarch Packaging

Another amazing choice for businesses that do not want to use plastic is cornstarch. This is especially perfect for those who are looking for eco-friendly food packaging options. Cornstarch has properties similar to plastic. However, as it comes with the construction of a natural substance, it does not pose as much of a threat to the environment. This option is also suitable for other businesses too, who are looking for new ways to create eco-friendly packaging for their products.

Recycled Cardboard and Paper

When the name itself says recycled, then there is no worry. If a business does not want to place its products in hazardous packaging, it can use recycled cardboard and paper. They are made from recycled materials. Therefore, they are highly sustainable and not bad for the environment. The overall biodegradable nature, as well as the production of these, is not hard on the budget of brands.

Seaweed Packaging

Seaweed packaging is among the best alternatives to plastic. They are composed of seaweed and algae that are present in nature. They have a soft design which ensures that the items remain safe from damage. Moreover, due to their production using 100% natural materials, the packaging is highly eco-friendly.


Another amazing and perfect substitute for hazardous plastic is mushrooms. There is a type of packaging on the market that is made from it. It’s a naturally occurring substance, so it is good for the environment. Its biodegradable nature makes it ideal for a wide range of items. They are perfect for food products and even beauty essentials.

Organic Ecological Textiles

Textiles are a great option for businesses to show their sustainability concerns. Organic or ecological textiles are an amazing sustainable packaging choice. Its production involves all purely organic textile materials that are good for the environment, such as hemp or cotton, etc. Moreover, they are also quite durable. So, the brand will not be jeopardizing the safety of its products in the name of being environmentally friendly. The biodegradability of these types of packaging makes them a complete hit in the market.

Recycled Plastic

Despite common opinions, recycled plastic comes under the tag of eco-friendly packaging materials. Instead of using the normal plastic present in the market, the brands can use recycled ones. They are biodegradable, so the brand can still add the green sticker of eco-friendliness to their products. They do the job of keeping the items safe and secure. Moreover, their usage also does not harm the brand image.

Edible Films of Eco-Friendly Packaging

This last alternative is perfect for biodegradable food packaging for every business out there. They are exactly what their name indicates. This substitute consists of edible wraps. Therefore, the food items will come packed inside packaging that will be edible. So, there will be considerably less waste. This is an amazing solution for food businesses as they will not be using plastic for their products. Moreover, these items will not pose a threat to the environment in any form.

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Using eco-friendly packaging for your business is a great choice. It boosts the image of the brand, keeps the customers happy, and keeps the environment safe. However, many times, the brands can not get their hands on the perfect environmentally friendly containers. In such a situation, there are many alternatives they can turn to. These substitutes also come with the label “eco-friendly,” and they will facilitate your shipment. This article focuses on 10 such packaging alternatives for all types of businesses in the market.

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