How To Unlock An iPad Without a Password


If you have an iPad, you might have set a passcode to prevent unauthorized users from using the device. The iPad is disabled if you repeatedly enter the wrong Passcode or forget the Password. You won’t be able to unlock the iPad in that situation. Using the iPad’s recovery mode or a computer synced with iTunes, you can reset the device, but you might not be able to retrieve any data that hasn’t been backed up.

Why You Might Need To Use Unlock iPad without Password

You might encounter a circumstance where you need to unlock your iPad without a password at some point.

This might occur for several causes, including:

  • You might forget the Passcode you set up if you haven’t used your iPad for an extended period. This can be annoying, mainly if your device contains critical information.
  • If you make too many incorrect passcode entries, your iPad will become unusable. This security measure is intended to guard against unauthorized use of your device.
  • You might not have received the Passcode if you bought a used iPad from the prior owner. In this situation, unlocking the device is necessary to set up your Passcode.

How to Prepare Your iPad for Unlocking

You must take a few steps before you can begin unlocking your iPad to ensure a smooth process.

  • Backup your data
  • Charge your iPad
  • Check your internet connection

Methods to Unlock iPad Without Password

Don’t panic if you forget your iPad’s Password; there are several ways to unlock it.

1. Using iTunes

Are you aware that your iTunes account may be used to unlock a locked iPad? You can quickly open the iPad if it has been synchronized with your existing iTunes account. But always ensure you have a data backup before you do it to avoid any unfortunate circumstances.

Follow these steps:

  • Open iTunes from a computer or other device, then select the Synced Device tab.
  • Navigate to your iPad name from here in the interface window’s top-left corner.
  • Click the “Summary” tab after that.
  • From this point, move down and select the “Restore iPad” button.

You will quickly obtain a fully unlocked iPad when it has reset the entire iPad. Now that you have a fresh passcode, you can re-register the iPad with the required Apple ID.

2. Using “Find My iPhone”

You may also use the “Find My iPhone” function to unlock a locked iPad. However, the device has to have the “Find My iPhone” feature turned on and an active iCloud account for this method to work.

  • Access the official iCloud website using a computer or another Apple device. To log in, you must provide your Apple ID credentials.
  • Then select “Find my iPhone.”
  • Click “All devices” after that. All devices with the “Find my iPhone” feature turned on will be shown on the screen. You can choose your locked iPad from this point.
  • Your iPad will be unlocked after clicking “Erase iPad.”

Please remember that the iPad’s data will be lost, and the device will be reset during the unlocking process. As a result, ensure you have a backup of all your data.

3. Through Password Recovery Mode 

The Password Recovery Mode is perhaps the simplest way to recover a locked iPad. By recovering the lost or forgotten Password, you can unlock the iPad. Here is a thorough procedure for this:

  • Start your PC and open iTunes. Additionally, it would help if the user uses a compatible USB to connect to a locked iPad.
  • Now, keep holding down the “Home” and “Sleep/Wake” buttons simultaneously until the message “Connect to iTunes” appears on the screen.
  • Once iTunes is open on your device, select “Restore” to unlock your iPad.


To avoid such unwanted hassles from an iPad lock, it is always preferable to keep the Passcode in mind and keep the device out of the reach of kids. If you accidentally locked the iPad and forgot your Passcode, you can unlock it using any of the above methods.

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