How To Resolve iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode Issue?


When you play audio on your iPhone and no sound comes from it but still, an onscreen notification displays your headphone volume even though no headphones are connected; your smartphone assumes the headphones are still attached.

Why is The iPhone Unable To Leave The Headphones Mode?

It’s crucial to understand why the iPhone gets stuck in headphone mode in the first place before you try various solutions. 

  • It usually happens as a result of a hardware issue. 
  • There may also be a software-related problem,
  • In 99% of cases, the headphone jack on an iPhone appears to be broken.
  • Your phone might assume it is connected to headphones if debris or dirt is in the socket. 

This interferes with the device’s perfect operation and automatically activates the headphone mode. 

There are, fortunately, many solutions to the iPhone headphone mode problem.  

1. Reboot your Phone

Restarting your device will quickly fix any software-related problems you may be experiencing. Hold down the Power (wake/sleep) key on your smartphone to access the power option or press the Power and Volume Down/Up buttons simultaneously. Slide it to turn your smartphone off. Start your device again after waiting a little while. It will simplify you to unstick an iPhone stuck in headphone mode.

2. Take Off the Phone’s Cover

The iPhone cover can sometimes cause the device to become stuck in headphone mode. This occurs when the case’s headphone connector is not precisely clipped out. Therefore, check if your smartphone still shows the headphone symbol after removing the case or cover. 

3. Properly Clean the Headphone Jack

As previously mentioned, a damaged headphone jack is the usual cause of the iPhone stuck-headphone problem. This problem may also be brought on by excessive debris. As a result, you should thoroughly clean the headphone jack. Use a cotton rag and compressed air can also be used to clean the socket. When cleaning the jack, avoid spraying water directly on it. Cotton buds are one of the best cleaning tools to use.

4. Connect and disconnect the Headphones

Your phone’s technological capabilities could be a problem. Connect your headphones and wait for your phone to recognize them to repair the problem. Unplug the headphones gradually once it is finished. To make this method work, you must repeat it a few times. Your phone will exit headphone mode once you repeat this procedure twice or thrice.

5. Examine any Water Damage

One of the most exposed parts of the iPhone is the headphone jack, which is also susceptible to unintentional damage. If you enjoy working out while listening to your favourite music, there’s a danger that sweat could get into the headphone jack and ruin it. Too much humidity can harm your phone even if you’ve put it in your pocket.

Try draining your gadget while looking for water damage to fix the problem. You may always put silica gel dehumidifiers on the phone or in a jar of unwashed rice.

6. Turn On or Off Airplane Mode

This is a simple and quick solution to exit the iPhone’s headphone mode quickly. Put your device in Airplane mode if the headphone jack is not broken. To activate Airplane Mode, swipe up to see the Control Centre. Give it at least 10-15 minutes to stay there. Reset it off, then use your phone usually.

7. Use a Bluetooth Speaker to Connect to it

According to claims, you may get your iPhone out of headphone mode by connecting it to Bluetooth. To begin, activate Bluetooth through the Control Centre or Settings.

8. Use a Bluetooth speaker to connect to the iPhone

You may get your iPhone out of headphone mode by connecting it to Bluetooth. To begin, activate Bluetooth through the Control Centre or Settings.

9. Update to a Secure and Stable iOS Version

Your iOS version might also be having issues. Your device may have some significant problems if it is not a stable version. Therefore, updating it is strongly advised. It will address your iPhone’s stuck headphones problem and any other persistent problem you may have with your device. On your device, “Download and Install” the most recent iOS update by going to Settings > General > Software Update. 

Final Words

If your iPhone is still in headphone mode and you cannot resolve the issue, you should contact a professional phone repair service centre so they can quickly fix the problem with your iPhone. 

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