How to Draw A Bubble Letter U Easily

Draw A Bubble Letter U

How to Draw A Bubble Letter U. If we count, then the letter U is the twenty-first letter of the alphabet. It’s a fairly common letter that we often use and very easy to write.

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Whether you draw a capital U or a small U, all you need is a simple curved line, and you have a letter U ready to use.

However, this guide is about something other than writing a normal U. We will make a fun version of the letter by showing you how to draw a bubble letter U.

We’ll show you how to draw it and then give you some ideas on colourizing it. Finally, we’ll give you some tips on how to make it even better!

We’re good to go, so let’s start with step 1 of the guide and see how it’s done.

How to Draw A Bubble Letter U

Step 1

As you create this design, looking at the final image to see what we will build on is helpful. As already mentioned, U is a relatively simple letter to write.

Drawing it as a bubble should be easy once you know what to do, but it may require a steady hand.

For the first step of the tutorial, we will draw a shape that looks like an upside-down U. draw this line in an even, curved stroke with a pen or pencil.

That’s all for now, and in the next step, we’ll continue the line to create the base of the letter.

Because this letter is so simple, planning is optional. However, you can draw it in pencil to ensure success.

This way, you can keep the letter’s shape and that it looks the way it should.

If you do it with a pencil, you can easily erase it later, so make sure you do this if you want to be extra prepared!

Step 2

As mentioned in the previous step, this step is all about continuing the line you started in the last one. This line may be more complicated, so take it slow.

Extend the line from the point to the left of the line from the first step. It extends downwards and curves slightly until it bends to the right.

The slope of this line should be very slight, as we want it to be mostly vertical. It’s an easy step as long as you take it slow!

If you go too fast, your hand may shake, and the line may look too wavy. The trick to drawing is always to take your time.

You can also try a few times if you make a mistake at any point, so don’t worry if you screw up a few times!

We’ll keep this momentum going as we add more to this line in part three.

Step 3

Your letter U bubble is taking shape in this step. We’ll be able to see what the final letter will look like once we’ve added this next section.

We will continue the previous line with a rather sharp turn. You can pull to the right with a slight incline and start going up.

You’re replicating what it looks like on the left, except we’re drawing from the bottom up, not the other way around.

With the base of the U drawn, the next step is to fully refine the outline to prepare you for the final touches.

Step 4

As promised, in this step, you will complete the full outline of the letter. If you look at the final version of the letter U, you will see that both sides are mirror images of each other.

With that in mind, we will replicate everything we’ve done in this guide, just mirrored. To do this, continue the series from where you left off before.

It will stand for a while and gradually bend over. Then it flips around and down, sloping toward the bottom of the letter.

Finally, roll the line again until it meets the other line where it ends. So you have the full outline of your letter!

It still looks flat on the side, so in the next step, we’ll add some detail to make it look more like a bubble.

If you’re happy with how the outline looks, let’s move on to step 5.

Step 5

Next, we’ll add details to give the letter U a 3D bubble look. To do this, we’ll add some simple lines and shapes.

The first are small oval shapes, one in each place of the letter. They might not look much, but they will help make the U think.

Next, we’ll give the letter some shape by adding some simple lines to the inner outline of the letter.

In our reference image, we kept them minimal and simple, but feel free to add more if you’d like. Before moving on to the last step, add as many more details as you like!

For example, drawing some stripes or shapes on the letters could be fun. Following the instructions, we’ll also look at ways to create an entire theme or image from the letter.

You will want to take advantage of some of the fun ideas that go further, so read them to the end! Meanwhile, in the sixth step, let’s colour the bubble.

Step 6

Choosing the right colour for each design depends on who makes the design.

It can be a person’s favourite colour or the colours that best suit the image. We show you one possibility in our reference image.

We chose a bright pink colour scheme for our example, which gives the image a nice combination of light and warm colours.

The colours get lighter as you move further away from the light reflection points we added in the fifth step. You can use this kind of gradient to give this letter an even more 3D look.

Now that you’ve seen how we coloured this letter, you can show us your chosen colours! You don’t even have to limit yourself to just one colour.

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We’ve already mentioned drawing stripes or shapes over the letters, and this would be a great way to work with lots of different colours in your design.

You can also get various colours by using different artistic tools and mediums to choose your colour.

Your Bubble Letter U Drawing is Finished!

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