How to Choose the Right Roof Rack for a Car

Roof Rack

Whether you’re looking for a pair of shoes for work, play, or the occasional trip to the hardware store, it’s important to choose a style that suits your needs. This is especially important in drawings, as there are big differences between the main styles.

To make it easier for you to make the right decision, we have put together information about the basic packages available, including the various options on the market. The terms of use and design elements for each drawing in this guide will help you understand the process.

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What are the three lines?

Let’s start first. Roof rails consist of two bars that extend across the entire width of your car’s roof. They support the weight of your cargo and are used to attach specialized roof rack accessories for transporting skis, skis, baskets, bikes, surfboards, equipment and other large items.

Are there different types of roofs?

Although the concept of shingles is simple, there are different shingle designs that may influence your choice of roofing system. The lines are available in oval, square, heavy (HD) and regular versions. If you think you might buy the first pair you find online, it’s important to know how they will perform for your intended use before purchasing.

What are the top brands for roofing?

Another consideration is the brand of roof rack you choose. There are three major roof rack manufacturers in Australia: Rhino-Rack, Imaakima and Thule. It is often more complicated than mixing and matching brands and fittings from the same manufacturer, but if you have a specific requirement that requires a mixing system, it is doable.

Check out the best bars and products from three of the best brands on the market.

Rhino Rack roof rack

Rhino-Rack is a popular roof rack in Australia; If you’re looking for dashboard cameras, you’ve probably already found them in your search. Rhino offers three models: Vortex, HD and Euro.

Vortex (aerodynamic cross section)

The Rhino-Rack Vortex roof rack system features a Vortex Generating Band (VGS), hence the name. VGS tapes create air bubbles when driving. This, along with the aerodynamic egg design, helps combat wind noise from the fork, while the rubber prevents gear slipping.

The manufacturer’s standard channel makes it easy to install numerous charging accessories, from bike racks to cables. Vortex handlebars feature lockable end caps and can be mounted with different mounting options depending on the vehicle.

The Vortex panel is designed primarily for recreational use and the channel size is ideal for recreational equipment such as bicycle tires and skis. The slope curve of the line is not ideal for wide, flat loads and moving wood can cause the VGS bar to come loose.

Best suited for:

bike rack


Boat and boat carrier

bright line

fishing rod

Snow sports shoes

Heavy Duty Bars (Square Cross Bar)

Rhino-Racks heavy duty rods are perfect for you if you regularly transport ladders, lumber or cables. The rod is straight and the accessory channel is wider to accommodate commercially available accessories such as ladder brackets and pipe clamps, making it ideal for craft and commercial applications.

The heavy duty pole comes with a heavy duty rubber strip installed in the channel. While this will reduce some noise, the main purpose of this feature is to prevent slipping and protect your cargo. Please note that when installing accessories you will need to cut the strip to allow for mounting.

The sturdy bars have a practical and functional square shape and are perfect for large loads. However, square lines of this shape can cause wind noise. This is not always a problem, as these types of bars are made for commercial vehicles and vans that tend to make noise when fully loaded with tools.

If you’re concerned about noise, check out some of the other HD options available, such as the Yakima TrimHD bars.

Best suited for:

Ladders and ladder supports


Construction material

roof tents

Traces of recovery

Euro bars (square cross bars)

A strong, lightweight and minimalist bar, the Rhino-Rack Euro Bar offers an affordable solution for everyday carrying. They are ideal if you do not want to use accessories as they do not have a built-in accessory channel, although they are still compatible with other Rhino Rack products.

This adaptable, easy-to-use, durable and lightweight rack is designed to attach to open-top vehicles in less than 30 minutes using a removable molded bracket and clamp system. The square bar shape makes them a little louder than other options, but they also offer more flexibility in use.

Perfect for families and solo travelers, the Euro Bar is a great basic crossbar for anyone looking for an affordable, versatile and lightweight solution for carrying their camping and luggage needs.

Best suited for:


camping equipment

Roof boxes

Yakima cross bars

Yakima handlebars place great emphasis on aerodynamics while still being extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing. All Yakima poles feature accessory channels that allow the installation of most types of cargo accessories, allowing for easy customization to meet different needs.

Yakima uses “Smart Foot Technology,” a system that means most handlebar sets are almost completely pre-assembled and require minimal setup steps to mount the mounts to your vehicle. This saves time and frustration and makes the Yakima a great option for anyone new to the world of cross bars and roof rack kits.

Aero handlebar (aerodynamic crossbar)

The Yakima Aero Bar is one of the most popular luggage racks on the market. They are aerodynamically shaped to reduce the effects of wind noise, drag and roof rack vibration. The shape of the bar was designed by a former Rolls-Royce aeronautical engineer who valued maintaining clean lines and functionality.

The quiet, streamlined design ensures that leaving these bars in your vehicle daily won’t be a hassle. This is especially true when using Yakima’s low profile bars, designed for vehicles with factory-equipped raised side rails to sit as low and close to the vehicle as possible.

Yakima uses a standard recreational channel size on the aero bar, meaning you can attach almost any off-the-shelf accessory you need to make carrying loads easier. Available in matte black and silver, these poles look great while providing the support you need to carry almost any load.

Best suited for:

bicycle carrier


Kayak and boat carrier

Fishing rod holder

Snow sports luggage rack

Roof boxes

HD bar (oval crossbar)

Similar to the heavy rack-rack bar, the Yakima HD bar is intended for negotiation and negotiation costs. The size of the channel is the standard size of the trade and allows easy equipment for standard commercial accessories, such as scales.

A beautiful characteristic of these beams are the wear points integrated at each end, which simplifies the loads. With the load bands that protect the shooter, if you keep your team safe, you will never have to stop and verify your load when you return to the next job. There is also a bottle starter at the two ends of the bar, so that it can fall after a hard work day.

The Yakima -HD -BALKEN have an oval shape, which means that they maintain the functionality of the trade style bars (with the largest channel) and offer noise reduction at the same time. This makes this cross -bar style an excellent option for daily use.

Ideal for:

Driver scales and shelves


Construction material

Ceiling tents

Catering traces

Trimhd (aerodynamic crossbar)

The -Rimhd block designed and tested in Australia also offers heavy loads and at the same time provides silence and maximum utility. Built light aluminum construction provides superior support without weighing things, while improved aerodynamics ensures a quieter trip.

Yakimas Trimhd -Bar is a cross between the aerodynamic bar and the HD bar. It retains the integrated end point and durability of the HD bar and combines it with the size of the leisure channel and the low profile of the aerodynamic bar.

With load strips with a air diffuser comb to help support and reduce the noise of the wind, the trimhd bar is the “taking of all the trades” of the attic. This transverse bar solution is perfect for the use of leisure, capable of entering the hardware store and ideal for daily trips.

Ideal for:



Kayak and mango




Prorack Cross Bars

Porack belongs to Yakima and shares many of the same products, including aerodynamic and high performance bars. With aviation roots, the transverse bars of Proreck Dobe Rack with an aerodynamic style emphasizing innovation, reliability and affordability to facilitate shipping costs.

Since 1994, the Prorack Research and Development Team has means to reduce noise and drag, one of the biggest challenges that Dach -Rack -Rack -Rack -Cross -Cross -cross -Cross. This has led to a range of products that combine practicality with resistance and clean lines.

Standard bar (square crossbar)

It is a simple and daily ceiling shelf that remains economically and with aluminum without corrosion. Easy to install, it is the ideal kit for all those who use the roof shelves for the first time. Although this product is not as aerodynamic as the aerodynamic zone, it always offers noise reduction.

As with all the shelves of the Prorack roof, it is really simple to adapt to the sticks in their vehicle. This is why this crusade style is the main competitor of the Rhino-Rack-Europe bars. Perfect for family vacations, beach refugees and external adventures. This is an excellent start kit that does not drop it.

Ideal for:


Camp equipment



In conclusion, choosing the right Roof rack auckland for your car depends heavily on your specific needs and intended cargo. There are various designs and styles available on the market, each catering to different requirements and use-cases. If regular transport of ladders, lumber, or commercial materials is your need, you might consider heavy-duty racks with wider accessory channels. On the other hand, if your focus is recreational use like carrying bicycles, skis, or camping equipment, racks designed for lightweight and aerodynamic performance would be a better fit. Consider factors like the shape of the rack, presence of accessory channels, noise levels, and your vehicle type before making a final decision. Ultimately, the right roof rack should securely hold your cargo and be a suitable match for your car’s design and function.

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