How to Make Your Google Pixel Productivity-Optimized


Google Pixel devices are famous for their simplicity and clean user interface, but Google still needs to include some exciting features in its Android handsets. There is an extensive list of features that are exclusive to Pixel handsets that boost phone productivity.

Features of Google Pixel to Increase Productivity

1. Call Screen

Call Screen has become one of the most valuable features for avoiding spam calls from scammers, spammers, and robocalls. To answer calls from unknown contacts, it employs Google Assistant. The system will ask the caller who he is and why he is calling. You can select whether to hang up, answer, or respond with a recommended message after viewing the transcript of the responses.

Automatic Call Screen is available on all Pixel phones. Manual call screening is also available on a few more Android smartphones. To use it, you must be in a supported country.

2. Direct My Call

Waiting on hold can be even worse by automated systems. With Direct My Call on Pixel devices, Google is attempting to simplify things. Direct My Call will display what the computerized system says and the available menu selections. The automated system can be navigated via touch options rather than unpleasant recorded voices. People can also share their call data with Google to assist the system in enhancing the experience for future customers.

Pixel 3a and new Pixel phones can use Direct My Call.

3. Astrophotography photos and time-lapses

Astrophotography is accessible on Pixel 3 and new models, and it’s essentially a super-enhanced version of HDR. The camera will take many shots for roughly 15 seconds, then stitch them together and use computational photography to create a starry night sky that seems complicated to capture with a smartphone.

This feature is activated by default anytime the phone detects a night sky in Night Sight mode and is perfectly still. While in Astrophotography mode, the Pixel camera will also save a timelapse.

4. Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser removes undesired elements from photos by utilizing Google’s Tensor technology. It’s easy to find while editing an image in Google Photos. Navigate to Tools > Magic Eraser. You can choose objects by drawing a circle around them, and the procedure will delete selected objects and try to replace them based on their surroundings.

Magic Eraser is only compatible with Pixel 6 and newer Google devices, requiring the Google Photos app. 

5. Images and text can be selected from the Overview screen.

This feature is often ignored, but it is helpful once you realize it exists. Smart Selection can highlight and interact with words and pictures in the Overview interface (app switcher) if your phone runs Android 11 or later. Content can be copied, downloaded, searched for, and shared. To begin interacting, launch the Overview interface and long-press on any image or text.

6. Universal Search

With Android 12, Google’s Pixel Launcher received a significant Upgrade. The search bar is now universal, which means it can search whatever the device has access to. This covers, among other things, apps, contacts, settings, content, and the web.

7. App Suggestions

Although having a set of apps organized in the UI provides consistency, life is more complicated than that. Some apps you only use at certain times, in certain places, and under certain conditions. As a result, the Pixel Launcher added App Suggestions. These can be displayed on the home screen’s bottom or the app list’s top row. Apps listed in these areas will intelligently alternate and change.

8. Extreme Battery Saver Mode

Since the Pixel 3, all Pixel phones have included Extreme Battery Saver mode. Google demonstrated its capabilities with the Pixel 7, claiming it can improve battery life to 72 hours.

What happens when you activate Extreme Battery Saver? Several settings on the phone have been changed. As a result, most apps will stop. The CPU will also be slowed, the hotspot will be turned off, the screen timeout will be reduced to 30 seconds, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth scanning will be disabled.

9. App for Personal Safety

The Personal Safety app assists users in staying safe. It can hold emergency contact information. When necessary, the app may identify crashes and contact emergency services. SOS mode can also be activated to record video, notify contacts and contact authorities. It’s fantastic software designed for Pixel phones. 

10. Google Assistant Voice Typing

This Pixel-exclusive function is available to anyone with a Pixel 6 or later. Users using supported Pixel phones can now say, “Hey, Google. Type.” You can now start telling the Assistant what to type.

Final Words 

Goggle pixels have many unique features that boost their productivity. The camera, translation, and the essential phone calling experience are some of Google’s Pixel-specific features. 

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