Different Career Opportunities After Doing AWS Training Certification

One of the major companies in offering trustworthy cloud services and technologies is Amazon AWS. Professionals may utilise these tools and develop various features on this platform thanks to its AWS certification.

Each of Amazon’s five AWS certifications guarantees a salary of at least $100,000, according to Forbes. The goal of this essay is to examine the many career options and possibilities available to AWs certified professionals.

AWS Learning Paths

The AWS certifications are categorized into role-based learning paths that contains:

  1. Cloud Practitioner Learning Path

The demands of those who wish to develop and validate a general grasp of the AWS platform are met by this learning route. They are more able to function in management, technical, sales, buying, or financial responsibilities as a result.

  • Developer Learning Path

This route is intended for software engineers who wish to learn how to construct cloud apps using the AWS Sysops Certification.

  • Architect Learning Path

Professionals who want to become solution architects or solution design engineers are trained through this career path. It teaches people how to create systems and apps for AWS.

  • Operations Learning Path

Future SysOps administrators, systems administrators, and anyone who want to work in a DevOps position should follow this path. It focuses on instructing the candidates on how to build applications, networks, and system deployments that are repeatable and automated on the Amazon Cloud platform.

Benefits Of Being AWS Certified

Many seasoned professionals who want to improve their abilities and newcomers who are entering the realm of cloud computing seek for AWS certifications. Having a professional certification always offers you an advantage over your peers and broadens your horizons.

The following benefits are a significant factor in the popularity of the AWS certifications:

Manageable Learning Pace

You may study for the test at your own speed with the certification course. You must decide whether on-demand training is appropriate for your position, your area of specialty, and your degree of knowledge, and then set aside enough time to complete it without interfering with other elements of your life.

Expert Instructors

When you receive AWS certification training from a reputable IT training company like Koenig Solutions, you can be sure that you’ll be instructed by an AWS Expert or a certified teacher who will help you develop your technical abilities through live or online courses.

Role-based Training

You can choose any of the Learning Pathways and finish each level to develop your cloud abilities once you are aware of the positions you want to fill or apply for at your company.

Global Standard In Cloud Computing

Having an AWS certification verifies your abilities because the reputation of professionals is recognised globally thanks to these certificates.

Job Prospects With AWS Certifications

The most well-known AWS training and certification programme, according to Forbes, is AWS Certified Solution Architect, which is also the top paying programme with a median income of $139,529, per a study.

Yet as more and more industries integrate cloud platforms into their daily operations, there is an increasing demand for experts in cloud security, development, and maintenance.

As mentioned above, AWS allows a professional to opt for any one of its specific suites of certifications:

  • AWS Solutions Architect 

An AWS Architect’s compensation in India starts at about $4,80,000 per year and can exceed $3,000,000 per year. You will be required to create dependable and secure apps on the Amazon platform as a Solutions Architect, an autonomous stream.

  • AWS Developer

An Associate-level certified AWS Developer in India makes an average income of $906,921.

  • Certified SysOps Administrator

In India, a Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate makes an average income of around 920,027 rupees.

The Developer or SysOps Learning Paths, or both, can be chosen in order to get an Amazon DevOps cloud certification. You will get practical knowledge in setting up and managing AWS-based systems in this position, as well as a solid grasp of contemporary application development techniques like agile development.


In conclusion, obtaining an AWS certification can greatly benefit individuals and organizations in many ways. It can lead to increased job opportunities and higher salaries, as well as improved skills and knowledge of AWS services and solutions. Additionally, AWS certifications can help businesses meet their cloud computing needs more effectively, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings. It is important to note, however, that obtaining an AWS certification requires dedication, hard work, and ongoing learning to stay up to date with the latest technologies and best practices. Overall, if you are interested in pursuing a career in cloud computing or looking to advance your skills in this field, an AWS certification is a valuable investment that can pay off in many ways.

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