Top 10 Cellphone Accessories Suppliers in the USA 2023

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By 2023, there will be no doubt that cell phones are no longer a luxury item but a requirement. When keeping our cell phones with us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we all want our devices to be practical, presentable, trendy, and a true expression of our individuality. As a result, we purchase complimentary mobile accessories for our phones not only to enhance an already fantastic experience with a smartphone but also to keep our precious assets safe and secure. Power banks, earphones, cover cases, chargers, and smartwatches have all become absolute must-haves in recent years.

The top ten mobile accessory suppliers are shown below.

1. VoiceComm

VoiceComm is a well-known name on the list of dependable accessory providers. For more than a decade, their broad and world-class inventory catalogue has served the mobile accessory market. For top-selling brands, they sell personalized cover covers, charging cables, Bluetooth device accessories, hands-free holsters, batteries, and MacBook accessories. Furthermore, if you place your order before 11:30 a.m., they promise same-day shipment. If you require speedy delivery of accessories, VoiceComm can meet your requirements.

2. One Source Suppliers

One Source Suppliers sells wireless accessories to retailers. They design and sell a wide selection of wireless accessories, including chargers, screen protectors, portable power, cases, Bluetooth gadgets, and more. According to their website, they offer a “factory-direct” strategy that allows them to offer reasonable pricing to their partners while retaining high-quality products.

3. Nexus Cellular

Nexus Cellular was founded with a simple purpose: to meet the mobile needs of a wide range of partners, including wireless carriers, warranty centres, repair centres, and retail chain shops. They have helped several consumers around the country receive essential components, phones, accessories, tools, and valuable insights over the years.

4. Balaji Wireless 

Balaji Wireless has committed to providing high-quality cell phone accessories by devoting significant time to design, production, and testing. They offer creative products that respond to customers’ demands and protect their equipment from unanticipated damage. The products are packaged sturdily and appealingly, making them easier to sell and increasing the probability of your consumers returning for future wireless accessory needs.

5. 2Valor

2Valor is a reliable fashion-forward accessories distributor in the world. They hold the MYBAT brand and are one of the most well-known mobile accessory producers and distributors in the world. Valour has over 16,000 active goods in its portfolio and adds up to 100 new weekly products. 

6. Techy Extra 

Techy Extra assists small business owners in keeping a sufficient inventory of device accessories. Tempered glass, Bluetooth headsets, phone cases, portable chargers, cables, adapters, and similar goods are among the services they provide for your consumers. Working with Techy Extra means you can keep stocking your consumers’ wants. They have thousands of high-quality, long-lasting accessories in stock, as well as speedy shipping and a lifetime warranty.¬†

7. Cellhelmet

Cellhelmet has released a wide range of profitable mobile accessory products, fueling a culture of development and innovation. They claim that by retaining complete control over their manufacturing processes, they can give their clients high-quality items delivered on time.

8. Eternity Wireless

Eternity Wireless has been supplying wholesale cellular accessories to the industry for over 20 years. They are one of the best suppliers of branded and aftermarket accessories and have evolved into a one-stop store for high-quality products.

9. Revamp Wholesale 

If you want to order accessories in quantity, Revamp Wholesale is the way to go. With over 16000 consumers in 11 countries, they are focused on distributing wireless repair parts, pre-owned devices, and high-quality accessories. They provide cost-effective shipping options and distinguish themselves with their premium tracking and shipping service, which allows you to track your order as soon as you place it online through their website.

10. Dream Wireless

Dream Wireless has steadily created an extensive network of devoted distributors, resellers, and retailers across the United States for over 15 years. They offer the most cost-effective accessories to meet the demands of the wireless sector and serve end customers at all levels, including small and medium-sized businesses and large businesses.


Now that you’ve decided to expand into accessory sales and have identified the top ten suppliers, it’s time to think about how you can improve the tracking and management of your repair business. 

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