Punctured Car Tyre? Inflate a Car Tyre Safely With Professional Guide

Punctured Car Tyre? Inflate a Car Tyre Safely With Professional Guide

Everyone knows how important it is to maintain the proper tyre pressure. The tyre’s performance and the vehicle’s speed depend on the tyre’s pressure. When you have to inflate a car tyre, you must consider a lot of factors. The major factor is the condition of the tyre. Next is to check the pressure of the tyre.

The tell-tale sign of the deflated tyre is what alerts you that your tyre needs an air refill. The hanging sidewalls and decreased fuel efficiency will slow down the car and lead to the tyre bursting if one does not remedy the situation. Therefore, properly inflate a car tyre to get the best car performance.

A part of tyre care also includes cleaning and polishing them apart from inflation and deflation. Using premium-grade car modification accessories can offer optimum cleaning and keep the tyres shiny and functional for a long time.

The foot pump is one such accessory that every car owner must own. This compact device is easy to store and carry around. In case of any road emergency, like a tyre bursting out, it can help you from being stranded. 

Reasons for Punctured Tyre

You never know the terrain you can drive on as it can have many spiky or sharp stones. They can puncture and deflate your tyre. A tyre inflator can save you from being stranded on the road. It is also a temporary solution before you patch and fix the puncture or replaces the tyre, depending on its condition.

Another cause for a punctured tyre that may lead you to inflate a car tyre is the wear and tear of the tyre. The tyre goes through many challenges- from various terrains to bad weather and bumpers- it endures all. After a while, it will burst. However, there is no one reason for a flat tyre; it is always a combination of various factors.

Over time, the eventual wearing can cause the treads to loosen. The tyre will puncture and become flat. It is dangerous as it can lead to very little friction on the road, leaving the vehicle more susceptible to skidding. 

Here is one way to reduce the possibility of such an incident occurring. Firstly, regular maintenance is important to inflate a car tyre. Using proper tyre wax and polish keeps the tyre treads intact. Also, changing the tyres on time when the treads wear out ensures you can control the car. Maintaining the optimum pressure with the help of a TPMS will also prevent the tyres from going flat prematurely.

What Is Tyre Pressure?

But why do car tyres tend to burst, and how are they so important for their functioning? It all boils down to tyre pressure. Tyre pressure is nothing but the air pressure in the vehicle tyre. Various factors influence exactly how much it will be in each model. One of the main factors is the weight of the vehicle. 

People measure tyre pressure in psi. The tyres of a vehicle have their recommended PSI printed on their sidewalls. You must refer to them before you inflate a car tyre. Also, the pressure not only differs from model to model. It can also differ from front to rear tyres. Therefore, one must read the manual before pumping air into the tyres. 

How To Check Tyre Pressure?

One must check the tyre pressure regularly for the best tyre maintenance practice. Checking the tyre pressure is important as it will let you know whether your tyre needs air. Thankfully, checking the tyre pressure is a very simple task.

All one needs to do is purchase a TPMS (tyre Pressure Monitor System). It is a handy device that measures tyre pressure. Besides that, one must keep a tyre inflator to inflate a car tyre. The tyre inflator is a compact device that easily fits in the boot. The manual one, like the foot pump, requires a little physical labour to pump air into the tyres. 

Few Tips To Inflate A Car Tyre

Now you know the importance of tyre pressure and the device with which you can maintain it. Let’s look at the procedure. 

  1. First, remove the tyre stem cap from the tyre. It is what keeps the air in the tyre sealed and contained.
  2. Turn on the air compressor or the inflation device. Check if the air is properly blowing or not.
  3. Fixate the head of the compressor to the tyre stem. Assert gentle pressure, and the air will start to inflate the tyre.
  4. Use the force of the air compressor from Carorbis to inflate a car tyre to fill air into the tyre. To know the air is going into the tyre, be on the lookout for a whoosh sound. 

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