Best Ways to Watch Movies for Free

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There are many legitimate free movie websites online, despite the fact that free movie streaming may sound like piracy. These sites are jam-packed with movies that you can use to stream legally for no charge.

Finding free videos to watch, whether you’re looking for movies or TV series, is perfectly doable; you simply need to know where to go. Here are the top free online movie streaming websites to check out in light of this.

You can access a wide variety of content on the platforms listed below because there are a ton of free, legal videos online. The public domain includes a sizable portion of the movies that can be seen for free online. Many websites publish these video gems because their ownership has lapsed and they have become common property.


It should come as no surprise that YouTube is one of the top sites for streaming free movies online. It provides a huge selection of free movies to choose from, many of which are public domain movies from websites like the appropriately named Public Domain Films.

Additionally, websites like Popcornflix post complete movies on YouTube, and the Movies & Shows hub on YouTube has an official Free to Watch section. There is a great variety, including anything from sports to old-school comedies and much more. It’s a big cry from television programs that solely feature obscure films from the 1950s.

It could take some searching to find what you want to watch. However, YouTube is a veritable goldmine of free, authorized movies to stream for those with patience.

Crackle 2

Crackle is a must-have for every movie enthusiast, boasting a strong selection of syndicated movies and its own films. Although the selection changes frequently, you can discover high-caliber films here in many genres.

Crackle offers television series, including original programming, in addition to movies. Additionally, you can use Crackle on your TV by creating a free account. You can use this movie download site to watch movies from different genres for free.


Comic books and films are both available on CONtv, formerly known as Viewer. If you aren’t interested in the first, you may use the menu at the top-left to display only the videos.

You may still watch some free movies online, including a number of scary B-movies, in addition to the available TV episodes. While some of it requires a subscription, the majority of the information may be viewed without one.


In addition to offering a big variety of free movies to stream, Vudu is also recognized for its digital video rentals and sales. It’s a great service with an extensive selection of movies and TV shows and frequent additions.

In a manner similar to Crackle’s free offering, Vudu offers complete films with few ad interruptions. Vudu can provide free movies and TV series lawfully by hosting movies with advertising.

To use this service, you must create a free Vudu account, but it is worthwhile to do so. Once you have done so, you can use your account to buy and rent movies from Vudu as well as activate digital copies of movies and television episodes.

Peacock 5

Peacock, NBC’s streaming service, is somewhat new to the field of free movie streaming. There is a lot of content available on the free tier in addition to premium content like The Office and Despicable Me, which can be accessed by signing up for Peacock Premium.

Create a free account to access a wealth of NBC content across all your devices. Unsurprisingly, there are advertisements in the free edition.


Similar to Crackle, Popcornflix offers complete films with few advertisements. Here, you can watch a variety of movies in a constantly-changing selection without creating an account. Additionally, the service provides some original content.

Movies are divided into genres like Disasters and Medieval Action which are more distinctive than the traditional ones. Popcornflix is a great option for free, authorized movie streaming because of its robust selection and simple interface.

The Best Documentary Movies

Top Documentary Films has a ton of free documentaries if that’s what you’re looking for. It contains a wide range of options, including independent documentaries you may not be familiar with.

If you want to narrow down your search, look at the newest additions or the different genres or browse the Top 100 documentaries.

Best Websites for Everyone to Watch Free Movies

You now know where to go for hundreds of free movies thanks to these free online movie streaming services. Enjoy these legal movies wherever you are, whenever you want, so you never run out of things to watch.

To watch movies offline on your next flight or lengthy journey, you should also be aware of how to do so lawfully.

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