Benefits Of Wearing A Pukhraj Stone

Gemstones are powered by planetary influences and that is the main reason why it holds some special powers. There are many kinds of astrological gemstones available in the market and. One among them is known as Pukhraj or the Yellow Sapphire.

Wearing gemstones mean one has to consult a learned astrologer who can study. Their birth chart and then figure out if they need to wear pukhraj or any. Other stone to bring in some positive benefits in their lives. if asked to wear, then one can look. For price of pukhraj stone both online and offline.

Both blue and yellow sapphire are quite popular when it comes to the sapphire family of gemstones. Both of them contains good astrological powers and. The price of these stones vary depending on the color, clarity, lustre and of course on the carat. Pukhraj has aluminum oxide and titanium inside and that is why; some of them look yellow0greenish in color. But these are mostly popular in Queensland area. Other places where yellow sapphires are found are Sri Lanka, Montana and East Africa. There are different shades of yellow in which pukhraj stone us. Found but according to astrological experts – the one which looks lemon yellowish and pale, benefits one the most.

Pukhraj has the positive powers of the Jupiter planet and it is mostly advised. By astrologers to people who are struggling with financial stabilities for quite some times. Wearing this gemstone means it can help one to face the struggle and then have a stable source of income. Astrologers also advise people to wear a yellow sapphire stone if they wish to go for higher studies and want to sit for competitive examinations. One can see growth of wealth after wearing this stone and it can also help one to gain some spiritual knowledge which is great for overall health of the wearer. Wearing yellow sapphire stones can also bring in some health benefits like it can cure heart issues, stomach ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis, jaundice and many more.

Way to wear a pukhraj stone

One cannot wear any gemstone whenever they want. There is a right process to do it. Here it is:

  • It is said that the effect of the stone grows with the weight of the gemstones and in case of pukhraj one has to wear a stone that weighs minimum 3 rattis.
  • It is needed to wear this stone on the index finger of any hand and one has to wear it on a Thursday morning.
  • Before wearing this stone, it is advised by the experts to dip it in pure cow milk for 15 minutes.
  • One has to wear this stone in the index finger of their any hand and that too on a Thursday morning.
  • The rings has to touch the skin so that the wearer can get maximum benefits and one has to clean the stone at regular intervals so that dusts do not settle there.

For price of pukhraj 5.25 ratti – one can check Khanna Gems store as they deal with certified gemstones.

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