A Comprehensive Guide to Become a Video Prime Amazon Expert

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The benefits of an Amazon Prime account are more than just online purchasing. In addition, the Amazon Video app gives you access to a wide selection of TV series and movies via some of the top streaming devices we’ve tested.

Although Amazon Video is almost like other streaming services, it has a few quirky characteristics and practical benefits. You can master Amazon’s streaming service and get the most out of your money by using these Amazon Prime Video tips and tricks to select the material you want, set the application up on the device of your choice, and master Prime Video.

Check Out Amazon Prime Videos Using Techniques

A membership to Amazon Prime includes access to the on-demand streaming service known as Prime Video. You may also join up for Amazon Prime Video on your own if you don’t have Amazon Prime. With Amazon Video, you can view thousands of movies, TV episodes, and original series, many of which have won awards.

There are around 2,100 episodes and almost 24,000 movies available on the streaming service. Also, you may add 100+ subscription services with Amazon Video channels and rent or buy extra movies and TV programmes that are not already included in your subscription. Although the service is dependable and simple to use, digging a little further reveals capabilities you might not have realised were there.

How to Create an Account for Amazon Prime Video?

The ability to create up to six profiles, similar to how you can on platforms such as Netflix or Disney+, has been added to Prime Video, which was previously only accessible through your Amazon account. You must sign in to the Amazon Video website, Fire TV, the Prime Video app on your iOS or Android device, or a connected device like a Roku, or a PlayStation 5 to accomplish this.

To create an account on a device connected,

Step 1: Click on the silhouette icon at the top of the menu and

Step 2: Choose between creating a new profile and editing an existing profile

Step 3: To make changes to profiles, go to the Amazon Prime Video home page and choose the user profile next to Who’s Watching.

Once set up, you may access Prime Video under numerous accounts. Scroll down to the parental control settings suggestion below if you wish to establish age limits and other limitations. The cost of the subscription is Rs 999 per year and Rs 129 per month which is quite reasonable.

How Many Persons May Watch Amazon Prime Video at the Same Time?

Amazon restricts accounts to a maximum of three concurrent streams. Nevertheless, only two concurrent streams of that video will be permitted if several individuals are watching it at once.

Tips to Use Amazon Prime Video Properly

Here are some pro tips to use Amazon Prime Video:

Tip 1: Create a Watchlist

New original episodes or movies are constantly added by Amazon. And you should start creating a Watchlist if you find it difficult to hard to keep track of the continuous influx of new content.

As the name implies, you may add programmes to your Watchlist that you’ve been meaning to view but haven’t had the time. By selecting the little Plus symbol at the base of a programme or movie’s thumbnail, you may add a movie or series to your Watchlist.

Tip 2: Modify the History of Your Watches

It’s okay that you adore that terrible movie since everyone has their vices. You certainly don’t want your spouse to find out that you’ve been viewing it again on Amazon Video or for it to affect the movies you suggest.

The watching history on your account should be edited in such instances. You must navigate to Account and Settings, choose the Watch History page, and then clear your watch history. By selecting Remove film from Watch History next to any programme or movie you’ve ever seen on Amazon Prime Video, you may expressly delete it from your viewing history.

Tip 3: Adjust the quality of the video

While watching amazon prime videos you can always have the option of adjusting the video quality to reduce your data usage. One can go to the Settings option and there you will get to see the tab for streaming & download.

From there you choose many video quality options available and adjust the streaming quality of your currently watching video.

Tip 4: Use Parental Control

In every household, smartphones are very easily available to children nowadays. Therefore it is very important to make sure that they are not misusing this liberty and watching something beyond their age limit.

Amazon Prime Video also offers this amazing solution of creating special restricted accounts for kids only that will display appropriate content for your children.

Tip 5: Having Separate Profiles

In Amazon prime Video, a maximum of 6 persons can watch simultaneously using a single prime account. Each one can have their profile, watchlist, watch history, recommendations etc. In this way, everyone’s privacy will be intact.

Go to manage profile and from there you can go add new to make as many as new profiles you want up to 6. You can set different profile pictures for every individual user.

Tip 6: Autoplay Option

The OTT platforms have this very interesting option called autoplay that will make another episode start as soon as the first one is finished. This is one of the reasons nowadays young generations are staying awake all night & binge-watching series after series.

It is fun and helps you go on with your little adventure in the fictional world when you have plenty of free time. But usually, you can restrict yourself from spending unnecessary time watching videos by deactivating this option.

Tip 7: Offline Watching Option

Like every other online streaming platform, Amazon prime also provides you with the option of downloading your favourite movies and series to watch them later. You just have to select the file and click on the download option. You can even download the entire series or individual episodes as well.

Tip 8: X-Ray vision

X-ray vision is outstanding and the most unique quality this application offers its viewers. The benefit of this option is whenever you pause the currently watching video a list of information regarding whatever you are watching appears on the screen.

This includes every minute detail regarding the ongoing scene, like characters, name of the actors, actresses, director, song names and many more. All the data displayed on the screen comes from the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), the owner of which is Amazon itself.


Amazon Prime Video is an advanced application with excellent features. With hundreds of movies and series, it covers everything from old lost content to brand-new releases.  Like all other contemporary OTT platforms, it is upgrading its qualities and traits to provide the best user experience. One of the disappointing experiences that subscribers usually have is they don’t get access to all the content showing up in the list within their subscription plan. They have to pay extra for renting those particular movies or series to watch them.

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