Advice on Eco-Friendly Burial for Caskets


With environmentally green caskets and cremation urns, it is now possible to plan an eco-friendly or green burial service for your loved ones. Greener options can be incorporated into the funeral arrangements for families that don’t want to harm the environment while burying their loved ones. By returning to nature in a way that won’t hurt the environment but will actually preserve the garden and improve possibilities for birds, green funerals aim to keep the funeral service as simple, clean and graceful as possible. It’s all about leaving the planet in a much better state. The trend of green funerals is picking up steam. Many people are opting to be interred in eco-friendly caskets that don’t release contaminants into the environment.

You must initially make a decision regarding what to do with the corpse. There are many options, and they are all green. Cremation is one illustration. Crematoriums have been working to reduce their emissions for a some now. Even though it causes less pollution, cremation may be more environmentally friendly than traditional funerals. If you would prefer to choose a method other than cremation, choose burial; in this case, you would bury your loved one in a green cemetery using a “Green” casket. In these conditions, the body gradually decays and merges with the rest of the planet. Many procedures used in traditional funerals, such as embalming, using concrete caskets and conventional coffins, delay this process and harm the environment.

There are numerous options available when it comes to memorials. You can now choose from a selection of eco-friendly or green caskets, which are becoming more and more popular. These coffins are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The majority of people discover that green caskets cost more than conventional caskets. The cardboard casket is the cheapest option and is also ecological. This coffin is the same size as a typical casket, but it has a top that fits over it and is more rectangular in design. Cardboard eco-friendly caskets are incredibly affordable, usually costing under $50.

Keep it modest. Fewer close friends and family members attending a funeral service results in significantly less wastes than inviting thousands of people, many of whom must travel great distances to attend. Keep things local and unassuming for the service alone. Use locally sourced flowers, carpool during the procession, print programmes on recycled paper, or even serve organic cuisine. Create a living monument. Consider planting a tree in memory of the departed as an alternative to a traditional gravestone or mausoleum. In addition to being more welcoming and upbeat than the usual memorial, this funeral is also more environmentally sound.

The choice of an environmentally friendly casket or urn is a crucial consideration in addition to giving your loved one’s organs. Choose a green burial site. Eco-friendly funeral homes protect the land on which they are located from encroaching development and promote the healthy growth of nearby plants and animals.

When America was still young, ceremonial funerals took place in the home, and the deceased were either buried in the nearby church cemetery shrouded in a shroud or in a pine box.

This technique evolved during the Civil War because more individuals were passing away away from their homes, and embalming became a quickly recognised practise.

Why embalm a body?

It is a procedure that entails draining all of the body fluids and substituting up to 6 litres of formalin (a combination of chemicals that are used for preservation). The body is not permanently preserved by embalming. At funeral homes, formalin has been shown to be a health danger.

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