10 Best Characters In Street Fighter: Duel


If you are just starting out in this mobile game, you might want to look at the top of the ladder. When it came out, the exciting mobile game Street Fighter: Duel took the world by storm, and it’s easy to see why. In this game, you can fight exciting four-on-four battles with your favorite characters from the series. There are also a lot of great poses you can do after a battle.

When a new game comes out, everyone wants to know which characters will help them win, especially if the game is competitive. You might be wondering which characters are worth the most time and effort. Luckily, our list will tell you which of the surprisingly large cast of characters stand out.


Poison is a great character for most teams, like a flexible D&D character, but the fact that the pink-haired villain is best in certain situations keeps her from being at the top of the list. She can jump into any fight and do a lot of damage thanks to his tech and attack.

The only big problem with Poison is that the passive Toxic Glamor isn’t very useful until it’s all the way to level 100. At first, the passive only affects a damage boost for male fighters. Over time, though, the boost will also affect pressure against female fighters.

Mad Ryu

Everyone who starts playing 8 Ball Pool game can get one of the best characters pretty quickly. On the surface, Mad Ryu seems like the simple characters, and he is, but he can do a lot of damage because of how simple he is.

Because of his passive, Enraged Heart, he will keep throwing out strong attacks as long as the fight goes on. But if you put his incredibly powerful Crazy Shoryuken at the end of your super combo, Mad Ryu will be able to beat up fighters on his own.

Combat Guile

A lot of people might find it hard to deal with normal Guile, but Combat Guile is so much stronger that it makes his normal form look bad. One of the best things about Guile is that his area-of-effect super attack, the Saber Bow, can do a lot of damage and remove enemy buffs at the same time.

Combat Guile’s attacks are based on the debuff called “shock,” and many of his supers do more damage the more he attacks someone who has it. His Guerrilla Bow is also great because when he uses it, he gets super armor, making it almost impossible to stop him.


No one should be too quick to judge Chun-Li. She moves very quickly and hits way harder than she should be able to. Most people have probably been completely beaten by a team with a strong Chun-Li in the anchor position.

All of her kicks can do a lot of damage, but her super Kikosho, which has a wide area of effect, will probably melt most of your enemies’ health bars. Even better, if she uses the move to beat an enemy, it can give your team’s super gauge a huge boost.


There are many reasons to like Dhalsim, but he’s still not as well known as he should be. One of the best reasons to add him to your team is his Fire Carpet, which comes from his Yoga Catastrophe super move, and the general flame damage that many of his moves cause.

Even when Dhalsim isn’t actively attacking, he can still hurt the other team. Dhalsim can do damage to an entire team instead of just hitting the first fighter.


Like Chun-Li, Cammy is a good choice for any team because it’s hard for another fighter to hit her first in a fight before she does. As you probably already know, this gives you a huge boost to your super combo gauge.

Cammy is a great character for setting up, and she can do more than just hit quickly. She can also hit hard and weaken the enemy’s defenses at the same time. Cammy will help many teams win without losing a fighter if they pair her with a strong line of attackers.


Rose might be hard for a lot of players to add to their team, but they already know how hard she can be to deal with. She can do a lot of damage on her own, but her Soul Fortune passive ability is what makes her the most useful.

Rose will be able to heal more like a white mage in a JRPG after a huge super combo the stronger she is. Rose is a character that many players will try to get because they can keep her healthy and weaken the enemy team at the same time.


If you want a great assassin-class fighter, Juri could be the one for you. One of the best things about her is that her stats get a huge boost the worse things get for you. Juri is already a strong fighter, but the longer a fight goes, the better he gets.

Juri is such a good unit to have on your side that she can win a fight that looked like it was going to be a sure loss. Her ability to get a 25% crit boost when a fighter dies is an effect that keeps adding on top of itself.


Gen may look old, but no one should underestimate how much damage he can do to the other team. He is another skilled assassin who can rip through health bars and help the team with his unique mirror image.

Because of Gen, you can always have four fighters fighting on the ground. Even better, Gen’s reflection can help you fill up your super combo gauge. His super can be very strong, but Gen with someone who can do a lot of damage to a single target in the third position of a combo is a deadly combination.

M. Bison

At least for now, M. Bison seems to be unbeatable in Street Fighter: Duel. The famous bad guy doesn’t have any trouble using his psycho power to crush whole teams all by himself.

The hard-hitting combo moves of a high-level M. Bison will destroy any fighter’s health bar, and his position in a super combo will make him even more dangerous. As a member of the Infernal faction, he might change the way your team works a little, but the damage you’ll get from him is worth it.

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